Our Mandate

 We are service providers, in that we provide the service for you to be able to use your bitcoins where otherwise you would not be able to.

We provide a means for customers and merchants to buy or sell their own goods through us.
Our intention is to be a small part in helping the bitcoin market grow.

Through our services the items you buy enter the ‘bitcoin world’. When you decide to re-sell any of your items we encourage you to sell them for bitcoin, keeping them within the bitcoin world. We suggest this due to the ever decreasing value of fiat.

You may consider The Emporium as a ‘platform’ area, or a marketplace, where we just provide the means and services to facilitate other merchants.

We abide by the Sales of Goods Act and the Consumer Credit Act, insurance and liability tends to fall to our merchants and the companies that your order is taken from. We shall assist with faulty orders, though we stress that the onus falls to you as a customer with an order to contact the company direct. We can generally only assist with verification of order purchase.

However, if you have ordered via our anonymity package and wish to get a refund whilst remaining as the same status then we can redirect an item back via our warehouse. (As of this time this has not been setup, but will be in the near future).

Our Emporium Merchants have to enter a simple contract with us before being allowed to trade via the Emporium. Such a contract covers such things as quality, packaging, and full or partial refunds when necessary. Please note that verified merchants do have the option of refusing refund if any suspect activity is highlighted and The Emporium concurs.

If your question is about an item you brought from an Emporium Merchant then at first instance we will facilitate communication, unless the merchant in question has provided direct communication information to you and has provided instructions that they should be communicated upon any quality questions or errors.

Please check individual merchant listings or profiles for further information.

Also be aware that we are currently only based in the UK (with possible plans to expand to the US) we must abide by UK laws. As such we cannot place orders for anything that would be illegal in the UK. If your item breeches UK law we will let you know.


The Emporium
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